Back Carrying – Hints & Tips

I’m asked a lot about back carries so here is a preview of something I’ve been working on lately to add into the site.  Hope it helps!

Sam x



People often ask when they can start to back carry their child.  The answer really is whenever feels right to you.  Some people never back carry at all in fact.  I would recommend, however, that your baby has good head and neck control before you attempt to back carry for the first time. You should also be comfortable with your chosen carrier having used it in front or hip carries first.

This video demonstrates the three main ways to get your child onto your back and back off again. It is shown with a wrap but the techniques can be applied to Asian Style Carriers just as well.  Here and here are some nice videos on hip scooting with an Asian Style Carrier.  Try out a few of these ideas, or make up your own, to discover which is the most comfortable for you.   You might feel you want to change methods as your baby grows or between different types of carrier.

Whenever and however you want to get started please be safety conscious above all else when back carrying.

  • Use a doll or teddy for your first attempts;
  • Practice with an adult ‘spotter’ or over a soft surface such as a bed;
  • Have plenty of space around you;
  • Use a mirror to see what you are doing;
  • Keep one hand on your baby at all times and NEVER let go or stand up straight until the child is secured by the carrier.

Remember that it is a joint effort and that your baby will need to get used to the idea as much as you will.  As they come to realise how enjoyable it can be they will soon begin to lie still / help with positioning in their own way.  Here’s a few hints, tips and tricks to help you on your way:

  • sometimes a little distraction goes a long way. CBeebies, a snack or small toy can help.
  • practice with an older child who is able to hold on or with a teddy.  This means you can concentrate on where the carrier and your arms need to be and move to without worrying about dropping your baby.
  • make it into a game. Most children will quickly learn to enjoy the act of being thrown over your shoulder if you can make it fun for them.
  • have confidence.  Your baby will pick up on your anxiety.
  • practice little and often – as the saying goes it really does make perfect and it also helps an unwilling child to get used to the process
  • ensure your baby is well fed (not too much though!) and rested or you may find they are not inclined to play along
  • get moving. Many children can get fussy in a carrier at first, be it front or back carries.  Get moving as soon as possible and they will soon settle down.  If they still aren’t happy just let them down and try again later.

It can take a bit of trial and error so don’t get disheartened if it doesn’t work out first time round. Once you have it figured out being able to back carry is such a useful skill 🙂


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