Next Sling Meet: Wednesday 7th AND IBW 2012 photos

The next Sling Meet and Library opening will be on Wednesday between 10am and 12pm at 7 Cooil Drive, Douglas.  That is in the housing estate next to Pets At Home and Agrimark.  I’ve been unwell over the weekend so haven’t had the opportunity to prepare as much as usual so keep your expectations low! 

Thank you to all the mums who came to our International Babywearing Week event at the Tower House last month. It was so lovely to have a trip out for a change, and I’d love to do some more cafe meets in the new year. I need to especially thank the mums who were able to pose for a group photo which won us a runner up prize of a new Moby wrap for the library, in Slumber Roo’s IBW competition as well as a Boba discount voucher which will find its way to a local mum sometime soon. Slumber Roo worked closely with Babywearing UK to provide a playdate pack to national Sling Libraries which came packed full of goodies such as hats, suck pads, a rainproof cover and discount vouchers.  I’m so grateful to both groups for putting in so much hard work to benefit libraries across Britain, most of which run on a voluntary basis and are reliant on donations such as these to grow and help families as much as possible.


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