IOM Sling Meet is a monthly gathering held by mums who are passionate about babywearing. The meetings are held in various locations around the Isle of Man.

It is run by a group of volunteers with the aim of assisting other parents and carers of babies and young children with all aspects of safe baby carrying.

The library is not run for profit and all donations are used to improve the collection of carriers and accessories which are available for all to lend.

We regularly post on our facebook page here – IOM Sling Meet

And also host a buy/sell/trade page here – Manx Babywearing Chatter

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The Team


emmaI’m Emma, mum to a boy and a girl. I fell in love with my Moby Stretchy for my son when he was 6 weeks. I couldn’t believe the freedom it gave us, to go and do anything whenever we wanted. It also helped as he suffered from Colic, and was quite sick and clingy. It kept me sane, and by holding him close, helped me to enjoy my amazing new life as a mum. A bad back got in the way of this, but 6 weeks post surgery, I was back to the library and therein started my proper babywearing journey. I bought several carriers in quick succession and loved using them all. So, when little miss came along, I couldn’t wait to experience it all over again armed with more knowledge and a bigger and better collection of slings! Caring for a baby with silent reflux, and a 3 year old to run around after, I would have been truly lost without my slings.

There are different challenges to carrying little ones of different ages, and I am definitely experiencing that this time around. Carrying your baby out of the hospital for the first time is very different to carrying a 2 year old about! I love being able to carry my children. Although it is incredibly rare for my son to come up in the sling now he is an independent child, I will forever cherish all those precious moments with him next to me, ready for whatever adventure we faced together. And I continue to make these memories with little miss.


kimpicMy name is Kim and I started wearing my little boy when he was only a week old. I had planned to give it a try when I was pregnant and couldn’t wait to get going. I knew it was for me almost straight away, I loved having my baby so close and it meant that I could get out of the door with the dogs really quickly in the morning and get off road and into the countryside.

One strerchy wrap turned to a small pile of wovens and then with Sam’s help a Mei Tai and my passion grew and grew as my son gradually got older and we saw the benefits of babywearing helping us in our daily life. It has given us such a wonderful, close bond and he was transformed to a baby that couldn’t be without his mum to a confident, smiley, cheeky toddler.

I am trained with the School of Babywearing to Peer Support level and I feel incredibly passionately about the subject because I felt very vulnerable after having a baby and at risk of developing PND (post natal depression), and having my son close and safe with me has helped me through his first journey so much, both mentally and physically, I think that it is a wonderful gift to share with other parents.

milenaHi I’m Milena, mother to three beautiful girls. I discovered my love for babywearing with my oldest who is 14. We used a Tomy carrier for her which was rather uncomfortable, but we loved being close.

I continued on my journey with my middle girl who is now 5 we mainly used a stretchy wrap which I sourced from America as they weren’t widely used here then. Carrying her enable me to continue being a mum to my oldest and care for her as she was highly demanding suffering terribly from silent reflux.

I knew I would carry my youngest girl and have experimented greatly with new carriers wraps etc with her. We have worked though a wrap strike and currently enjoying toddler independence. I feel strongly that babywearing has deepened my bond with my wonderful girls and allowed me to continue with our busy lives with greater ease and enjoyment. I now want to come meet and enable lovely mums and dads to help you on your own journey so you may share the joy and closeness of your precious children.